Spare List

Remember that each week one team has a bye.  If you are looking for a spare you might want to call the team that has a bye that week in case they are interested in sparing. 

Donna Malowski                  204-638-3467          

Edith Taylor                          204-572-1605         

Bonnie Wainwright              204-269-8116         

Monique Lefebvre               204-647-5073

Ronda Casavant                  204-572-8300                  (late draw only)

Ashley Sidlar                       204-647-2599

Lynn Etsell                          204-648-3834 cell   

204-638-7703 home

Also contact Melissa MacQuarrie – 204-648-7190 has 5 person team so one team member may be able to spare each week