images (4)Curling started in Dauphin in 1897 just after the advent of the railroad, and can lay claim to being the first “organized” sport in the area.  September 15, 1897 was the date of the organizational meeting.

In inaugural executive board consisted of:

President – Captain David McIntosh

Vice President – Fred K. Herchmer

Secretary-Treasurer – Bob Brown

Five curling rinks have been the scene f activity for the Dauphin Culring Clubs.  The first curling rink was built in 1897 by Ab Brinkman.  It was located on 1st Ave SW.  It was a curling rink and skating rink combined, with seven foot walls and a canvas roof.  There were two sheets of curling ice in the middle with skating ice on both sides and a lean0to waiting room.

The second rink was built in 1900 and was located the corner of 1st Street and 3rd Ave NE.  The MTS building presently stands on that piece of property.  This consisted of four sheets of curling ice, two on each side of the skating ice which was in the middle.

The third curling rink was built in 1927 and was located on the corner of 2nd Ave and 1st St SW.  There was four sheets of curling ice and a kitchen off the waiting room.

In 1948, a new seven sheet modern curling rink was constructed using materials from the No. 10 Airport Hanger.  The Hanger had been dismantled, and the trusses moved to the location of the fourth curling rink at 1st Ave SE.  It was located on the Dauphin Memorial Community Centre Grounds, with a lunch bar, a sitting room, and full washroom facilities downstairs and ice level with cushioned spectator chairs.  Upstairs there was a locker room and an excellent viewing area for more spectators.  Parties and dances were also held upstairs.  In 1959, eight sheets of artificial ice were installed, after many years of natural ice.