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 Welcome to the Dauphin Community Curling Club
Message from the President

I would like to welcome all past, new and prospective members to the 2014-15 curling season!

We have made good progress this year on a variety of fronts, not the least of which is our online presence. We are always looking for new content for this website, so please forward any ideas you might have. 

We are excited about the idea of the “Sin City Spiel”.  This event is focused on fun and we are trying very hard to bring in new curlers, those that have not been in the rink for a while and of course, the regulars!  It’s all about having a great time, and as the name suggests we have a few tricks up our sleeves to encourage that!

From a facility aspect, we completed our first year with a new camera and TV system.  Hans Wuthrich was out to provide some technical advice last year and we anticipate much better curl and ice conditions this year.  Along that line, all the water used to create the ice this year used reverse osmosis water.  You will see the difference as it is decidedly whiter out there.   We have lots of plans for the future as well. 

To make some of these plans happen we need help.  To add more fun to it we would like to add more events.  Like Grey Cup Parties upstairs, maybe a golf tournament in the summer.  There are tons of small things we can do to add to our sport.  But like anything it takes a bit of work!

 As members of OUR club, we need you to get involved.  For this club to be a success, all members need to contribute.  We don’t need big time commitments, maybe something as simple as just bringing in a new member. Unless we as a group step up, and work at this, our membership will continue to decline.  I firmly believe encouraging a sense of membership, unity and creating more fun events is positive action. As enthusiasts of the sport, it’s our responsibility to help create that.

See you on the ice,

Ray Baker, President

President – Ray Baker. (204)572-5253



Dauphin Junior Curling Academy